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On the Scene: So what about Mississippi State

On the Scene: So what about Mississippi State?
May 26, 2011 : 1:30 PM CT
We said goodbye to our first team today as Arkansas won a 7-2 decision over Mississippi State. The Bulldogs now return to Starkville and await their fate Monday when the NCAA announces the Regional pairings.
John Cohen's club is 34-23 overall and 15-18 against SEC teams including the midweek game vs Ole Miss and losses to Florida and Arkansas here in Hoover. They are 6-15 vs the RPI top 25 and 13-18 vs the top 50. They are 18-20 vs the top 100.
While that is no means the resume of a team deserving to play for the National title, it does not have to be. It just needs to be one of the 34 best resumes of teams that are not automatic qualifiers.
Right now, that resume should allow them to hear their name called. The 0-2 Hoover showing may drop them behind LSU in the SEC pecking order. For what its worth, the SEC Regional pecking order would look like this:
1. South Carolina
2. Florida
3. Vanderbilt
4. Arkansas
5. Alabama
6. LSU
7. Mississippi State
8. Ole Miss
When Auburn and Georgia secure at large eligibility, we will revise the list.
The other part of the equation is there are more than just SEC teams fighting for those 34 at large spots. Keep an eye on other bubble teams and fans of bubble teams should also cheer on favorites in the conference tournaments.
We will take a look at Arkansas' hosting chances later after more results are in.
Vanderbilt received bad news as freshman T.J. Pecoraro has a tear in his pitching elbow and is lost for rest of the year.
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